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Radars Direct Australia supply the ultimate laser protection systems that protect drivers everyday from speeding fines from police handheld laser guns and police laser speed cameras.

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Why do you need a Laser Jammer just as much as a Radar Detector?

Perth Western Australia is phasing out the Multanova wet-film radar speed camera, as you are probably already aware. The new digital laser speed cameras will be used (Poliscan Vitronic Speed). As a result of this, you are far more likely to be targeted by a laser handheld gun or laser based speed camera than you are a radar speed camera. The reason is that all mobile speed cameras used in the Metro area are laser based, this along with the new introduction of the LTi Trucam (Laser Handheld) the primary method of speed enforcement uses Laser technology. Ask yourself, why would you buy a radar detector under these new circumstances.

You are probably wondering why you can buy a Laser Jammer when Radar detectors are called Radar/Laser Detectors, the reason behind is this that a Radar/Laser detector is no more than a radio receiver and light detector. Although, being able to receive a frequency that Radar is transmitting holds a very useful purpose, as radar carries well over long distances, radar speed cameras beams are also a lot wider and are usually constantly transmitted. Even when the Radar threat is not a constant signal, it is still possible to get good warning with a good radar detector.

Hand-held guns or Laser speed cameras use a very small laser beam, significantly smaller than a radar beam. A laser beam produced is far more focused and it doesn’t carry well over long distances. A Hand-held guns police use, only transmit a laser beam when the trigger is pulled, as a result of this by the time a radar/laser detector recognises the presence of the laser beam, the car is most likely in the beams sights already, it only takes ~1 second for your speed to be recorded, not nearly enough time to slow down. 


In-Car PoliscanSpeed2

(above) A typical In-Car PoliscanSpeed – Speed Trap – Frequently used in WA & VIC

Speed Laser Technology is the new kid on the block

Everyday more and more Police Speed Enforcement groups are turning towards Police Laser. The method of using Laser is a more accurate and more rewarding technique for the revenue of the government. With a police laser gun, specific car’s are targeted one by one. Police have a direct line of site towards traffic, being able to pin point car’s, this means if there is a driver presently speeding, the chances of the driver slowing down in time are very slim, motorists have sometimes been able to slow down in time for a mobile speed camera to check their speed. Making this method of speed enforcement twice as cost effective is the new brand of LIDAR Laser Gun’s which are using a integrated video camera, letting police officer’s book each driver without the need to even pull them over.

These new video camera integrated police laser gun’s are being rolled out Australia wide, and will eventually be used in every state of Australia. QLD and WA are the first two states to be introduced to this new wave of revenue raising. With QLD police now equipped with the LTi Ultralyte Laser System with a built in Video Camera, many QLD motorist’s dont even know if they were caught for speeding or not! Perth (The Police State) has recently started using a more advanced Laser Gun called the LTi TruCam by Laser Tech USA, similar to the QLD version, this Laser Gun let’s officer’s have all speed reading’s obtained recorded by an inbuilt video camera. Good Luck trying to tell the officer you weren’t speed in court!

The recent introduce of such advanced Laser Gun’s calls for the need for a advanced Laser Jammer. Blinder Laser Jammers can successfully jam all laser Gun’s used in Australia, including the WA Range of;

Product Videos

Jammer System vs New Poliscan Vitronic Speed Camera

A video showing 4 separate encounters with the new Vitronic Poliscan now used through out Perth. Either excellent or good warning was received from the Blinder Laser Jammer’s mounted in the front grill, and the Valentine One Radar Detector mounted high & centre of the windscreen.

Please note: When in some cases they are set-up to do so, these cameras can also record the speed of cars coming or going, a rear facing positioned camera will target the photo of your rear license plate. For this you would require rear sensors mounted on your car.


Jammer System vs Latest Advanced Laser(Lidar) Gun

See the BLINDER HP-905 In action! – This video (done by an Independent Testing Group) – shows the new laser diode jammer, successfully jamming the newest Laser Alley Gun in America. One of the most difficult guns to Jam.


Our theory is that a device mounted in your car’s front grill sits approximately at the same level the laser beam is projected at by the Vitronic Poliscan, thus resulting in a higher chance of picking up very faint infra red light emitted by these New Laser Cameras in Perth. Although over hilly terrain, line of sight plays a big part, the Valentine One located high on the windscreen may alert before the Blinder as it has a better line of sight to see the very faint infrared laser beam projected by the Poliscan, the ‘new multanova’ in Perth.