AvatarRadars Direct Australia specialise in supplying motoring enthusiasts with quality and performing products to protect their license and wallet, improve business efficiency and lower running costs.

Built in 2009 – We have been operating with a strong reputation for the past 4 years. Our mission includes 100% satisfaction and have never had to refund a customer due to a product performing poorly. This is our mission and we continue to stick by it today. Buy with Confidence knowing your new automotive gadget is going to exceed your exceptions in performance.

Since Jan 2012 we have become the Western Australian distributor for BIGmate GPS tracking. We specialise in servicing commercial, industrial and personal GPS tracking & monitoring solutions, with the recent addition to our list of products the Itronics and Blackvue car camera range.

All products sold by Radars Direct Australia, are fully endorsed and used by us. We are not just another retailer that specialise in hefty profit margins. We independently test all products before considering adding them to our line of products for sale and promotion. 

Customer's have the choice of having their items shipped to them, or picking up from our fully functional retail office store front with payment facilities on site. Located close to Perth's CBD for your convenience.

We are not here to make big claims such as the "The only and best supplier” or "Largest superstore” we do not feel the need to drag customers in, we know that at the end of the day, you will want a product that works.

We do not endorse speeding, irrational driving or irresponsible drivers. In fact, the products we sell are designed to increase driver awareness while driving on Australian roads. Our customer's are everyday drivers that require assistance in watching their speed and protection from the odd occasion of accidental speeding. This is where the driver creeps 10 km/h or so over the speed limit while trying to concentrate on other distractions, speed zone changes, road works, impatient drivers. Studies show drivers that use a safety radar detector will pay more attention to the road when driving as they can receive alerts to emergency services as well as speed traps ahead. When the driver is alerted to a potential speed trap, he/she slows down to the posted speed limit, rendering the speed camera successful in reducing speeding on the road.

Radar detectors are not illegal to own and operate in Western Australia. At Radars Direct we would like you to know that Radar Detectors are not a free ticket to speed where ever and whenever you like. We do not promote our devices this way, they should be bought for the purpose of driving with a peace of mind, many people who come to us do not intentionally speed, and creeping to 10 or 20 kilometers over the speed limit is a common accidental error that occurs as there are many more factors on the road apart from watching your speed.

Over the past few years we have discovered that many radar detectors promoted and sold in WA are not programmed, or designed for the current radar threats we have in WA and the rest of Australia, therefore not offering sufficient performance in comparison to the prices you can pay. At Radars Direct we guarantee you the best deal, we are fully authorised in all the counter measure products and gps tracking products we sell.

When choosing Radars Direct you can feel safe knowing you are getting;

We stock only a limited number of products as we choose only to sell the products which we have found to work best in Australia.

As part of our mission to be an honest retailer, we also strive to keep our prices as low as possible for the consumer. Treat others the way you would want to be treated is a good statement as it makes sense. I’m sure the retailer themselves would not want to be ripped off, so why rip of your customers?

Shop with Confidence – We are only a phone call away.

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