Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys offer a money back guarantee?

All returns are subject to our Returns Policy. We know you will be happy with the performance of your products and are confident you will be recommending us to your friends!

Can I pick up my item from your Office?

Yes you can pay for your order (Credit Card/EFTPOS/Cash) and pick up your item from our office location. We will also spend the time to tell you the best places to put the device in or on your car, we will also explain to you the difference's in the use for each model and how to use them correctly.

Why don't you sell many different types radar detectors?

We believe in selling products that we are confident work - we don't see the use of selling 10 different types of something that is not very effective. What is the point of confusing the consumer further?

Our No.1 pick for a radar detector for WA, is and continues to be the Valentine One. For the best performance. 

How effective are your Laser protection systems?

Our Laser Defence Plus systems use the smallest laser diode heads on the market. They are not LED based jammers and use the same high quality OSRAM laser diode which is used by other models on the market such as AL. 

Are Radar Detectors legal to use in WA?

100% Legal.

Are Laser Jammers legal to use in WA?

Legislation prohibits the use of 'laser jammers'. However it does not prohibit the use of Laser Parking Assist Systems or Laser Detectors. 

I live outside of WA, do I need a 'stealth' radar detector?

We do not sell radar detectors outside of WA, so we unfortuneatly cannot assist regarding this. 


Technical FAQ'sSome more technical questions answered for beginners.

Radars Direct Australia are aware of many other FAQs offered on various websites, so we have decide to cover questions which are usually on half-answered in the industry.

Read our more Radar Detector FAQ's here.

What is the best Radar Detector for WA? Good Question!

To answer you're question - the Valentine One is the best portable radar detector for WA. It has the best laser detection capabilities and also is the most sensitive to K band (Highway Patrol) and if you drive out in the country, it is the most sensitive to the old Multanova Speed cameras (not used in Perth Metro anymore). The V1 also has a cool little feature that allows you to quickly toggle between K band OFF and K band ON -  preventing it from alerting to petrol stations while you are driving in the Perth metro where highway patrol cars are not present. To find out more on what these false K band alerts are read the facts below.

Test's show that the radar detector to provide the best consistency and most advanced warnings for the Multanova 6F is the Valentine One Radar Detector. The V1 being the only radar detector, under the $800 price range to provide adequate warnings to front facing, and rear facing Multanova setups. Rear facing setups are significantly harder to detect with a radar detector as the radar beam emitted from the camera is projected in a opposite direction to where you car is coming from, making the only chance of receiving a warning to KA relying on your radar detector's ability to pick up KA scatter.

Read More & Watch Videos on the Valentine One HERE

If you live outside of Western Australia

We do not sell radar detectors outside of WA, so we unfortuneatly cannot assist regarding this. 

Laser Jammer or Laser detector?

Dont be fooled by some retailers who will claim their Radar detectors will also give you sufficient warning on handheld guns (laser). They are two different speed measuring technologies.

You are probably wondering why you can buy a Laser Jammer when Radar detectors are called Radar/Laser Detectors, the reason behind is this that a Radar/Laser detector is no more than a radio receiver and light detector. Although, being able to receive a frequency that Radar is transmitting holds a very useful purpose, as radar carries well over long distances, radar speed cameras beams are also a lot wider and are usually constantly transmitted. Even when the Radar threat is not a constant signal, it is still possible to get good warning with a good radar detector. Handheld guns or Laser speed cameras use a very small laser beam, significantly smaller than a radar beam.

A laser beam produced is far more focused and it doesnt carry well over long distances.  Handheld guns police use, only transmit a laser beam when the trigger is pulled, as a result of this by the time a radar/laser detector recognizes the presence of the laser beam, the car is most likely in the beam's sights already, it only takes 1-2 seconds for your speed to be recorded, not nearly enough time to slow down. For more information on the new Blinder M27-M47 Australian revision, view the product information.

Is a radar detector enough for full protection?

Many customer's assume a radar/laser detector, will protect you against all speed traps. The fact is, a radar detector only protects you against radar threats. Being able to detect laser will not prevent the officer's laser hand held gun from recording your speed with-in 1.-1.5 seconds!  To drive with a peace of mind, a radar detector is not always enough! Blinder Laser Jammer's work by preventing the officer's gun from instantly recording your speed. A slower reading is obtained after 3-4 seconds, with-in this time you have adjusted your speed, switched the unit off and aren't going to be receiving a ticket.

What do I need to buy in order to drive with a peace of mind on the road?

In Perth most people know about Radar Detectors, not many people know about what Laser Jammers and Detectors are, it is only till now where they are a necessity if you want to drive with a peace of mind. Some radar retailers including Radars Direct are pushing to buy a laser jammer to 'defeat' these new speed cameras. This is a good thing! Our advice is, spend you money wisely, do some research before you buy, and you will find that our Laser Defence Plus systems are a great jammer and parking assist system especially for the price. You will be covered from all laser guns used in WA:

Beating the new Poliscan Speed Cameras

-- Please contact us via phone or email if you would like to discuss options on how to protect your license and wallet from the latest laser Poliscan speed cameras. --

Why do we recommend using our Laser Jammers as well as using Radar Detectors?

Perth Western Australia has phased out the Multanova wet-film radar speed camera.The new digital laser speed cameras will be used (Poliscan Speed). As a result of this, you are far more likely to be targeted by a laser handheld gun or laser based speed camera than you are a radar speed camera. The reason is that all mobile speed cameras used in the Metro area are laser based, this along with the new introduction of the LTi Trucam (Laser Handheld) the primary method of speed enforcement uses Laser technology. Ask yourself, why would you buy a radar detector under these new circumstances.

Our Laser Interceptor (Laser Defence Plus) products use super sensitive detector diodes which when tested against the Vitronic Poliscan, were able to detect the very faint laser beam from an amazing 400m from the camera. They also have upgradeable firmware.

Will Radar Detectors still be useful even though Multanovas are being phased out?

Country towns in Western Australia will still be using the Multanova, making the need for a radar detector in rural towns vital! So the answer is YES, K band radar enforcement used by Highway Patrol has been spotted in many Metro areas, these include Beaufort Street Mount Lawley, Guilford Road Bassendean/Maylands/Guilford. K band frequencies transmitted by the Kustom K Band Radar are fairly easy to pick up as it is a high powered dash mounted radar gun, although these signals in metro areas can be mistaken for false alerts. As an example, the Multanova ran on 0.3mW to 0.5mW whereas this radar runs on 50mW. We also feel that the next dash-mounted radar to be used may be the Stalker KA 34.7Ghz radar, which is a more modern radar unit and transmits within the legal KA Frequency Bandwidth range in Western Australia.

Also by purchasing a system such as the Valentine One Radar Detector will ensure that you cover yourself for any future threats that are introduced. 

What is a Laser Jammer?

Laser Jammers are a very simple but also sophisticated piece of technology, as you are probably aware of; apart from radar speed cameras, police are now commonly using a Handheld Laser (LIDAR) guns to measure your speed. And now with the introduction of the Vitronic Poliscan, LIDAR is becoming the primary method of speed enforcement. These devices work in a similar but different way to radar by using concentrated light instead of EM waves. The laser gun works by recording the time it takes a burst of infrared light to reach a car, bounce off and return back to the starting point (the gun). Laser Jammers (Laser Interceptor) are a device which produces a light beam of its own. When you car is target by a laser system, the laser guns receiver cannot recognize any reflected light off your car, therefore cant get a clear speed reading. This is why it is important you buy a good quality laser jammer which has been tested over and over to guarantee you a quality product.

Vitronic Poliscan - not radar.

Recently introduced to WA is a new type of speed camera, working on an automated Laser (LIDAR) system. The camera shines the laser beam at a 45-degree arc across the road, and registers the speed of any car that passes by. In comparison to the Multanova, the Poliscan works on Laser, whist the Multanova works on radar. The Poliscan can also target up to four lanes of traffic, travelling in both directions, and can record your speed from up to 75 metres away, a bit further than a Multanovas top distance of 45 metres. The camera uses the legal a class 1 laser, known as the 904 nm laser; the same used in handheld guns, as a result of this, if the algorithms and software have been updated, a laser jammer will prevent the system from successfully recording your speed.

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