Best Radar Detector

What is the BEST radar detector for WA? 

This is a question we get asked very frequently and if you're based in West Australia you're probably noticing there are heaps of different radar detectors you could buy all with different price ranges! We understand you're here because you want to avoid getting caught by those sneaky speed traps being deployed in WA, whether they're sitting in white vans or in the bushes. So, what is the BEST unit to use in Western Australia?

The best radar detector for WA will not be the best radar detector for other states in Australia, this is because each state has different types of speed cameras and different laws regarding radar detectors. In WA using radar detectors in 100% LEGAL, meaning you can purchase, mount and use a radar detector in your car just as if you were to use a gps system in your car.

Different radar detectors can perform better to certain things than other models and visa versa, it is for these reasons testings of these models is essential to make sure consumers are given the best possible recommendation for a radar detector.

Our No.1 Choice

Our number 1. choice for WA drivers, based purely on the RANGE/DISTANCE provided by the units in advanced to laser based speed cameras and radar speed cameras is the Valentine One.

The Valentine One radar detector has the most sensitive laser optics compared to any other model on the market. Consider 90% of threats in WA are laser, the Valentine One provides the furthest warning distance than all other radar detectors on the market.

With so many model's to choose from, shop from an unbiased retailer to find the product's you deserve!

Buy the Valentine One radar detector here.

Note: This is not a radar jammer.

So are radar detectors still needed?

The answer is YES, even though the old Ka Band Multanova's have been replaced with the new laser based Poliscan speed cameras, 'some' radar detectors such as the Valentine One are an easy way of getting a decent amount of protection. Unlike laser jammers that require installations and hardwiring, radar detectors can be simply mounted on the windscreen and plugged into a cigaretter lighter. It is because of this reason that radar detectors are still very popular.

Sustaining the need for a good quality radar detector such as the Valentine One. K band radar enforcement used by Highway Patrol has been spotted in many Perth metro areas, these include Beaufort Street Mount Lawley, Guilford Road Bassendean/Maylands/Guilford.

K band frequencies transmitted by the Kustom K Band Radar are fairly easy to pick up as it is a high powered dash mounted radar gun, although these signals in metro areas can be mistaken for false alerts. As an example, the old Multanova cameras ran on 0.3mw to 0.5mw whereas this radar runs on 50mw.

When buying Radar Detectors in Perth Australia take care to do your research, buy from an un-biased re-seller, we carry out our own independent tests and you are gaining a guarantee on your product that it will work, as well as obtaining a real warranty which is recognised by the manufacture.

Western Australia

Previous History on the Valentine1 in Perth

The Valentine One is the best performing radar detector in the world for price. It has also come out as number one in many radar detectors around the globe, and from out experience, it has shown the most consistency in all radar speed traps.

The Valentine One was also the top performer along with the Bel Sti-R against the Multanova 6F in Perth Western Australia, no other radar detectors on the market including the Beltronics XR70 (rx65) , Escort 9500i, Whistler Pro 78, were able to offer adequate warning for Multanova's set up in the rear position.

Below, a real on road video demonstrates the Valentine One's ability to alert to small reflections of IR light emitted by the Poliscan speed camera, offering superior warning on this occasion.

Valentine One proves undetectable by Radar Detector Detectors. 

Valentine One detects mobile Poliscan speed camera in Perth (video by customer).