Cheap or Expensive Radar Detector?

As far as radar detectors are concerned, it is very important to know that when you are using a radar detector, you are trusting you license with that device. It is in the same aspect as, would you trust your safety in a cheap car, the same as you would in a top of the range car? Drivers should never compromise on the quality or functioning of a radar system. As cheap radar detector might not be sensitive to microwave frequencies as compared to the expensive ones. Thus only high grade, quality radar detectors should be installed to work as providing a peace of mind on the road.

old whistler radar detector obseleteThus, it is always advisable that one should install only high quality expensive radar detectors in the vehicle and should never compromise on the functionality just because of other systems being a penny cheaper.

Recent speculation in the news, the media, has tried to enforce the fact that Speeding gives us the adrenaline that no other vocation provides us. The unending need of excitement, testosterone impetus and the desire to race the racing clouds can only be quenched with speed. Yes for some this may be case, although look at the bigger picture. Radar Detector’s aren't a product that only "hoons" buy, they are product that the everyday Mum, everyday Dad, considers to use because they drive with the speed camera paranoia of not knowing when they are going to get their next speeding ticket! We are bounded by speed limits and safety measurements for our own good? It’s a question that always has two sides to the story, which however at times, comes across as nuisance when there is a scope for speeding. Radar detectors are what come to one’s rescue in such a situation.

Before understanding the functioning of a radar detector, it is imperative to understand the concept of radar detectors. Radar detectors are the electronic devices used by vehicle drivers to get aware and acquainted if the authorities are monitoring their driving and the speed limit. They can avoid getting charged for the speed limits. Through a radar detector, one can easily detect whether the police and the transport authorities are being vigilant, keeping an eye on them thereby increasing the chances of getting a speed ticket or they can get away with the speed limit.

valentine-one-new-radar-detector1How does a radar detector work? Is it possible to know whether speed is being monitored or the vehicle that one is driving is under surveillance? Actually, it is an irony that technology has an attribute of being used as one desires. If it can innovate gadgets or radars to control the speeding vehicles, then it can also introduce such devices that are capable of detecting the use of the former. The radar detector actually works on this very principle. It has a radio transmitter and an oscillator along with a receiver, combined into a single unit to detect radio frequencies emitted from radar. Electricity is generated by the oscillation, which in turn, generates electromagnetic waves, which travels through the air to detect the signals. The signals are detected with the help of the radio transmitter. These radio waves that detect the signals are named as radar, which helps us in detecting the location of an object. It is also used to measure the speed of an object.

A radar detector not only helps one to detect the range and location but also helps in detecting the speed of the vehicle. The radio waves have certain frequencies. When the vehicle and the radar guns attached to it are not in motion, both the frequencies are at the same level. Whereas when the car is moving, the radio waves are emitted at different frequencies, their detection as well comes at various frequencies, thereby giving a clear indication of the fact that the object is in motion and the speed could also be measured. The radio waves that get transmitted come in the form of crests and troughs, thereby emitting various frequencies and easily getting detected for a moving vehicle. This is the actual way the radar detector works.

It depends on the planning and urban development dignitaries to comprehend the utility of these radar detectors and take the decision to use them for the safety and security of people in transit. With the passage of time, science has given immense opportunities to people whereby they have made their standard of living better and comfortable as compared to people of yesteryears. The new gadgets, speed cameras, everyday products using microwave frequencies, all of them have simply revolutionized the way we people have got accustomed to live life. But as it has always been pondered and narrated, every product should be used within its periphery. The radar detectors are also invented and introduced for this purpose only. If any speed maniac risks his own life or for that matter of any other person on the road, it is important for the police or the authorities to be vigilant to nab him and show the speed ticket. Cost is a very important factor for any of the gadgets or products introduced by the technological wizards in this century. Years of research, hard work, unyielding attitude to introduce something worthy has made the new inventions very costly. If man needs to enjoy the luxuries of science then he needs to even pay for it. Now the question emerges whether one should pacify for a cost effective, cheap alternative or should always go by the quality and the sound working of the gadget not considering its cost.

In the same league as Radar, LIDAR (Laser Gun’s) have been used by police these days to detect the speed limits and to take punitive actions against the drivers and riders avoiding the speed limits. These laser speed guns are far more superior and effective. They work on the timing principle whereby the gun clocks the time taken by the infrared light to reach a passing motorist, strike the vehicle bounce off and return back to the initiating point. These guns are quite different to those of the traditional police guns and support the police to a great extent.

Attributes and features are the two most important factors which should be considered before making a right purchase. Though cheap radar detectors might score above the expensive ones on the cost factor, yet they can never match up to the standards and efficiency of the expensive ones. For instance, the new expensive radar and laser detectors which have GPS servers, warn the drivers to be aware of the red-light cameras lurking ahead. This feature is absent in the cheap alternatives.

On comparison, it is evident that cheap radar systems do not warn the driver and lack the GPS functionality. Moreover the expensive radar detectors would never fall a prey to the false alarms. On the contrary, it has been observed that the expensive ones are not prone to the fake and false alarms. Thus, it might seem a bit magnanimous in the beginning to opt for a expensive system, yet in the long run, it is proved that expensive systems are far superior than the cheap ones.

One other advantage of installing expensive radar systems is that these systems follow the product norms which are approved by the authorities. Though the government usually prohibits installing the cheap radar systems, which at times gives false alarms to the drivers, making them conscious and prone to accidents, expensive systems are approved for passenger cars. This is because, it never detects any false alarms thus always gives the correct assurance to the driver.