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The Best Radar Detector for WA

VALENTINE ONE - New Radar Detector

The winner out of all of the different models and brands is the Valentine One radar detector. It has the LONGEST RANGE against all Radar threats, and will also provide you with the best chance of detecting Laser with it's top of the range laser detection capabilities.

These are a couple radar detector's which the Valentine One out performs in WA.

One other model on the market performs as good as the Valentine One, this however is more than double the cost. - The XR-C PLUS

Does anyone want to know how to beat speed cameras used in WA? We have tested over 15 models currently on the market. It is an easy choice with the Valentine One, by far the best performer and easiest to use, with the new V1 SAVVY module, you can elimante annoying K Band false alerts around the city without turning it off! Many claim is not very user friendly, well if you don't know how to use a computer I wouldn't bother either. But the fact is it is easy to use for many drivers out there, plus we will show you how to use it and program it for you so it all ready to go.

Over the past 5 years we have been using the Valentine One, we have also used other popular models such as the Whistler Pro 78, the Escort radar, Beltronics and even a friends Cobra 9950. The only other radar detector to come close in performance is the Bel STi-R (XR-C), that's the Remote version not the portable version.




Which Radar Detector should I buy to beat speed cameras?

Choosing the best radar detector for you is probably the hardest point to achieve if you have no experience in radar detectors.  Choices are limited as WA is the only state where all radar detector models are legal. People say do your research, this certainly does help informing you of what radar detectors in western Australia you should stay away from, although there is a still a problem of biased sellers, who are very convincing, you would think if you contact experts in the industry you will be pointed in the right direction. This doesn't happen all the time, sometimes you are persuaded to buy the radar detector that the company you are talking to needs to sell, which may not be the best. It's a side of retailing that thrives; protect the products and the sales before you protect the customer!

You don't have to take our word for it, a lot of people don't and a lot of people do. The fact is we are honest, a big problem we witnessed in Perth when the Multanova was the largest threat, was that people were walking into car audio shops asking about radar detectors, and then listening to the people behind the counter, who have never tested the product themselves. An example of this is the Bel XR, an inconsistent performing radar detector against the Multanova which many users paid over $800 for. The fact is people assume that if you're in a fancy shop, and you're told by self-proclaimed experts on the product, you assume it will work! Of course this is not the person's fault for buying the wrong radar detector. To some it all up, do your research, and ask around and be patient. For Perth WA the best radar detector is the Valentine One Radar Detector, it has been tested, compared to all other radar detectors, and it works, only one other retailer in Perth recommends this detector out of 50+ retailers. What does this tell you?

Police Laser Gun Jammers such as the BLINDER Laser Jammer's are definitely another product to strongly consider if you are shopping in the market for a radar detector. A radar detector will only protect you from radar speed traps, not laser. A Laser Defence System such as the BLINDER range, have been designed to protect your car from laser hand held guns and laser speed cameras. For more information on this product visit the Laser Defence Products Page.

If you would like to read some true facts, and have answers to those questions that never seem to be answered in the industry, read our FAQ Below.

Why do some radar detectors work and some don't?

The current circumstances surrounding speed enforcement methods in Perth and throughout Australia are somewhat different to the circumstances in the United States where Radar Detectors are made, so even though it may be a top-performing Radar Detector in the US, it may be one of the worst performing detectors here. It all comes down to the quality of the detectors radio receiver and the software. In most speed camera scenarios, the camera is taking a photo of the front of your vehicle; this means it will measure your speed by transmitting a radar beam towards the front of your vehicle. 80% of radar detectors work in this scenario. In 1/5 scenarios, speed cameras can be setup to take a photo of the rear of your vehicle, this means the radar beam is transmitting towards the back of the car as you drive past the camera, if you are using a radar detector, because the radar beam is not transmitting directly towards your radar detectors receiver (located on the front of your car), in order for your detector to alert to any radar threat before you drive past it, it needs to be so! Sensitive! that it can pick up scatter and reflections from the radar. When an Electro Magnetic wave hits a surface, it gets partly reflected away from the surface and refracted into the surface. If the signal hits a surface that is not perfectly flat (your car for example) then it gets reflected in all directions.  Only a very small fraction of the original signal is transmitted back in the direction of the receiver.  This small fraction is what is known as scatter.

Can I buy my radar detector off eBay?

We don't mind where you want to get your radar detector from, it's your money. A lot of people go onto eBay, find the most impressive sounding radar detector for a couple hundred bucks, put it in their car, and get caught. A classic example is Perth users of the Cobra radar detector, as no retailers recommend this detector; it would be obvious it was bought overseas. Back to the question, you can buy a radar detector off eBay, if you buy from a trusted seller, you will probably end up with a genuine product. But, there's a catch, you are faced with the risks, the risk the radar detector you buy will be second hand (it has happened before!), you also face the fact that your radar detector will have NO warranty, even though the seller claims this, good luck. To make a warranty claim the retailer who sold it has to take a look at the product first, then it may be authorised for replacement. For this first step to happen, you will have to post it back to wherever the seller is (where are they?), the seller will have to post it to their retailer (as eBay buyers usually buy from retailers), or the seller will post it back to the manufacture where it would be further examined. Who is going to pay for all these postage costs? At the end of the day, if you want to buy off eBay, you get no warranty and face a couple of risks. Of course we recommend you don't take the risk, and purchase your product from a retailer, who has special retailer overseas, therefore you don't deal with any problems your retailer does. We supply Valentine One Radar Detectors, contact us about purchase today. Although we recommend using Blinder Laser Jammers before you buy a radar detector.

I drove passed an undercover police car, my radar detector didn't alert?

Radar Detector's work by alerting to frequencies transmitted by radar speed detection devices, if the car you drive past is not using a radar system, or it is not switched ON (WA uses Kustom K band 24.150Ghz) then there are no frequencies present there to picked up, it's as simple as that! It is not often you will encounter a K band speed trap from a patrol car in the metro area, although sometimes cops will run radar instant on down busy highways or roads i.e. Guilford rd. is popular for this. The same rule applies to Laser Handheld gun's, you can never receive an advanced alert from your radar detector from a police officer using a handheld gun as it is not constantly running, and even an alert when the officer targets your car is a hit and miss. Police handheld guns transmit a very narrow infrared light beam running on the legal light spectrum of 904nm. When a cop targets your car, he is primarily pointing at your license plate, as your radar detector is positioned on your dashboard, the light may not reach your detectors light detector, therefore it cannot alert. The only radar detector which will offer a good chance of alerting all the time to these laser pulses, is the Valentine One, its ability to detect extremely faint infrared light means it will alert if any laser scatter or part of the beam hits your cars dashboard.

I was getting large KA Band alerts but there were no speed traps?

If you are driving along and your detector alerts to KA, slow down! There could be a Multanova ahead. Most of the time, this is the case, although if you are driving along side, or in the vicinity of someone using a Cobra Radar Detector, you will be picking up the false KA frequencies which Cobra radar detectors have been known to leak. Some radar detectors offer a guard filtering device, which is programmable off/on in the systems settings, it is not recommended turning this ON, as when picking up the Multanova, you are relying on picking up very faint ka scatter, so turning on this guard, may accidently see these faint alerts as a false alert and filter them out. The Valentine One Radar Detector, being so sensitive will alert to any false KA Band in the area where you drive, it is something you have to put up with. When the Multanova is 100% replaced by the new Vitronic Poliscan Cameras, you won't be looking out for KA frequencies, unless WA introduces new KA radar, such as the Stalker 34.7 GHz. This may be the next dash mounted radar to be released, as it sits inside the state's legal KA frequencies allowed for WA.

Where should I mount my Radar Detector?

We recommend mounting the detector at the highest point available on your car windscreen. For one point, it is hidden better from prying eyes, when it is neatly mounted near your rear vision mirror.  A second point is, your detector can pick up scattering of frequencies off your car bonnet, which may bounce up into your detector's receiver, the same principle applies for light, laser light can also be reflected off your car bonnet into the detectors receiver. Although there are no tests that prove mounting higher will be better for you in detection, we prefer mounting higher, but in regards to getting the best detection, the answer for that is buy the best radar detector! Laser alerts may alert more consistent lower or higher, it depends on the laser gun operator. You shouldn't rely on laser alerts anyway with a radar detector, because if you are speeding, when your detector alerts, it is already too late, the officer now has your speed. To some it all up, mount the radar detector where you want to, low or high, there won't be a significant difference in results. You could say, if you were driving a long a perfectly flat road all the time, mount the detector lower, as the receiver is closer to the radar source. If the terrain you're driving on is hilly, mount the detector the higher the better, as it all comes down to being able to see.

My radar detector keeps alerting to K band radar, why is this?

If you are driving and receiving many K band alerts, look around for a potential K band false alert source (automatic door openers, commercial areas contain a lot). Automatic Door opening sensors, operating on 24.150 GHz, inconveniently the same as K band radar cameras run on. This means your detector is alerting to what it thinks is a potential radar threat, most detectors have special filtering to reduce this, one method is to measure inconsistency's in the signal, and try to distinguish if the source patterns match that of the radar speed guns (unsuccessful method), another method as part of the detectors firmware is to reduce its K band sensitivity, so all weak K band frequencies picked up are ignored. The idea of this is that, many petrol stations emit only small levels of K band, so technically your radar detector will ignore these. This is said not affect overall performance of K band threats, as your typical K band radar are very high powered, and projected very large and wide radar beams, making it easier for a good radar detector to alert to an authentic K band source (speed trap). With K band alerts, look for certain patterns, if you detector jumps to 5 bars and then dies off, this is probably K Band instant on, a large amount of K band frequencies were emitted from the officers car for the small amount of time he turned the radar on to target a single car. If you are driving in rural areas, on highways or freeways, switch your detector to Highway mode which doesn't restrict any sensitivity to K band, if you getting K band signals when driving on a highway with not many commercial shops around, chances are it is cop car using radar.