Product Warranty

All electrical merchandises sold by Radars Direct offer genuine 1 year manufacture warranty. For the majority of our products, the company’s distributors are stationed in Australia, making any claims fast and hassle free for customers. There is no time wasted by sending products overseas to US distributors for warranty claims.

When Radars Direct receives a faulty unit we will contact the manufacture directly, upon the manufacture informs us the unit complies with warranty conditions completes, the product will either be repaired or replace.  In the event a customer would like to make a warranty claim, please contact

All demo or discounted products sold are subject to a minimum 1 year in-house warranty offered by Radars Direct. If a faulty unit sold as a demo model, or discounted item (shop seconds) is returned to Radars Direct, the unit will be checked in store for any physical damage which would not have been a result of normal day to day usage. If the result is a manufacture fault, we will either repair or replace your unit.

If in the event Radars Direct finds the unit faulty as a result of a manufacture error, Radars Direct will credit you the cost of posting the unit back to us. If in the event Radars Direct finds the unit faulty as a result of the consumer mistreating the unit, we cannot replace the unit nor can we subsidise you the cost of posting the product to us. We will not charge you the cost of our time or the cost of returning the item to you.

If you would like to know more about product warranty please contact