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When shopping online for a car dash camera in Australia it is very important to make sure you don't end up with either a cheaply made Chinese product, or an illegally imported product.
Radars Direct are fully authorised dealers of the world's leading dash cameras brands, iTronics and BlackVue. These two brands offer the best reliability, video quality, features and heat resistance compared to any other brand on the market.
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Why car cameras?
Every day on Australian roads, hundreds of driver's are put in a situation that ends in dispute, court hearings, insurance company battles or financial loss. An in-car camera, also known as an Auto Black Box is designed to protect your safe driving in the event of an accident, and catch out poor drivers in the act. Now, more driver's than ever before are arming themselves with dashboard cameras, recording driver's every move.
Why chose a Dash Cam over a traditional or sports camera? 
> Video Evidence - prove how events unfolded
> Reliable Eye Witness - always recording for you
> Loop Recording -  no need to format the SD card to keep the camera running
> Designed to record in hot temperatures -  Up to 70 degree temperature thresholds
> Longer camera recording times due to efficient compression by the BlackVue cameras

Authorised Supplier

We are a full authorised retailer in all products we supply. The Blackvue brand of  car dash cameras are sort after, high quality camera and are available through an Australian supplier. 

Radars Direct is an authorised reseller and partner company with the Australian dash cam distributor

Why use a dash cam? 
iTronics dash cam user, Ken Olsen in the video below has been a victim of road rage in Australia - without his dash cam, his storied would of been extremely difficult to prove given the extreme nature of the attack.