Power Magic - Blackvue

Power Magic - Blackvue
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The power magic pro works by safely allowing your car camera system to record while the car is off, without the risk of draining your battery to dangerously low levels. As a recommend measure, the device can be set to cut off the power at 11.8 Volts. Parking Mode is used when you connect your car camera to a constant 12V DC power supply.

This device has a female port so you can easily plug in your power cable to begin using the power magic pro. 

 Product Features:

  • Multi-booting (designed to be switched on and off
  • Prevention of discharge (drainign) Vehicle Battery
  • Configure timer settings to cut off power
  • Different voltage selections for power cut off ie. 11.8 Volts(recommended)
  • Overload protection - provides consistent current to the device for safe operation
  • Cigar jack female connection socket for easy connection
  • 12/24 Volts compatible
 Rated Output Voltage 12-24V DC
 Output current Rated current 1A, max 2A
 Output voltage cut-off 11.6~11.8V (±0.05V)
22.8~23.2V (±0.1V)
on the basis of the input
 Output voltage restoration 11.7~11.9V (±0.05V)
22.9~23.3V (±0.1V)
on the basis of the input
 Output Voltage Cutoff Timer 1 ~ 72 hrs


 1x Power Magic Pro

1 Year Warranty

Radars Direct recommends installation by a professional, competent installer. Contact us if you live in the Perth metro and would like to have your car camera hard wired in.