BLINDER HP-905 Laser Protection Systems


This system has now been discontinued - we recommend the Laser Protection Plus 


BLINDER International have released the HP-905 Compact system along with laser diode detection and respond capabilities it also uses the smallest laser diode heads available (no bigger than a 50c piece). Radars Direct Australia have kept the prices in par with America's prices in order to offer our customers a great product at a great price. We don't inflate our prices here!

How does the HP-905 Park Assist work?

When a police laser gun targets your vehicle the laser/lidar guns receiver cannot recognise any reflected light off your car, therefore cant get a clear speed reading as it is operating on the same wavelength as your HP-905, therefore an instant speed reading will not be obtained. This provides the driver notification their car is being target and allows the driver to safely check their speed. Unlike traditional laser jammers, the HP-905 is an active parking sensor system that operates on the license free, legal to use 904nm wavelength. Laser jammers activate jamming codes such as E07 on police laser equipment and as a result are detectable.

Because the HP-905 Park Assist is not primarily a laser jamming system, it is completely undetectable, if a laser threat is received the system will automatically shutdown after 4,5,6 (user choice) seconds to prevent any further interference.




How does the HP-905 differ from a Radar Detector?

While a radar detector device also acts as a laser detector, it will not help in the situation a police gun targets your car. It only takes on average half a second to obtain a vehicle speed using the lidar gun. If your radar detector alerts to the laser threat it is already too late and you will receive a speeding infringement. Laser does not travel well over long distances like a RADAR transmitted signal does, therefore you cannot pick up police shooting laser from a long distance away. The HP-905 gives you those vital seconds you need to safely reduce your speed and avoid the speeding ticket. To guarantee protection from laser guns without jamming their equipment, the HP-905 Park Assist is the device for you.

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This system has now been discontinued - we recommend the Laser Protection Plus