Laser Defence Plus


Laser Defence+ Advanced Parking Assist

(model name: Laser Interceptor by Robotic d.o.o Crotia)

Radars Direct is an official Australian re-seller for the world re-known laser parking system - The Laser Defence+ .

Each Laser Defence+ product sold by Radars Direct comes with a
FULL 2 YEAR replacement local warranty.

Recommended as our Number 1. Laser Protection System for all police laser threats Australia wide.

BONUS: Free External Speaker worth $49 with all Laser Defence+ Purchases!

Main Features

The Laser Defence+ is a Laser Parking Aid with optional parking override switch and also:

Why Laser Defence+?



How does the Laser Defence+ differ from a Radar Detector?

While a radar detector device also acts as a laser detector, it will not help in the situation a police gun targets your car. It only takes on average half a second to obtain a vehicle speed using the lidar gun. If your radar detector alerts to the laser threat it is already too late and you will receive a speeding infringement. Laser does not travel well over long distances like a RADAR transmitted signal does, therefore you cannot pick up police shooting laser from a long distance away.

Example of a Laser Product Defeating High Tech Laser Guns with ease.