Laser Defence Plus


Laser Defence+ Advanced Parking Assist

(model name: Laser Interceptor by Robotic d.o.o Crotia)

Radars Direct is an official Australian re-seller for the world re-known laser parking system - The Laser Defence+ .

Each Laser Defence+ product sold by Radars Direct comes with a
FULL 2 YEAR replacement local warranty.

Recommended as our Number 1. Laser Protection System for all police laser threats Australia wide.

Update Regarding the change in Laws for Western Australia

All products sold by Radars Direct are compliant with the laws in the state of Western Australia. We do not sell products outside of WA.

The Laser Defence + system is set up as a laser detector only device. Radar/Laser Detectors are legal to use and do not interfere in any way shape or form with Police speed cameras. 

Our products do not jam laser enforcement equipment, and are used in assisting and alerting drivers if they are approaching a speed camera trap. Enabling the user to slow down or adjust any unintentional discrepancies in their current driving speed. 


BONUS: Free External Speaker worth $49 with all Laser Defence+ Purchases!

Main Features

The Laser Defence+ is a Laser Parking Aid with optional parking override switch and also:

Why Laser Defence+?



How does the Laser Defence+ differ from a Radar Detector?

While a radar detector device also acts as a laser detector, it will not help in the situation a police gun targets your car. It only takes on average half a second to obtain a vehicle speed using the lidar gun. If your radar detector alerts to the laser threat it is already too late and you will receive a speeding infringement. Laser does not travel well over long distances like a RADAR transmitted signal does, therefore you cannot pick up police shooting laser from a long distance away.

Example of a Laser Product Defeating High Tech Laser Guns with ease.