SENA 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset

SENA 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset
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THE NEW SENA 20S EVO Blueooth Headset

The SENA 20S EVO available now in Perth from Radars Direct: your local authorised suppliers.

New and improved design

The 20S EVO is the next generation of the original 20S, with an updated design and improved intercom functionality and stability to keep up with your ride. The 20S EVO was designed with a fixed type, shark fin antenna as opposed to its predecessor with the flip up antenna. This sleek new antenna design improves upon intercom stability and even secures the intercom distance while updates to the hardware allow for an even more robust general performance updates.

The 20S EVO is a state-of-the-art motorcycle and powersports Bluetooth communication system. The unit provides a sleek and aerodynamic design that offers a versatile jog dial that maximizes the ease of use for riders.

The 20S EVO features several industry firsts for the motorcycle Bluetooth communication headset market. One industry first is the introduction of Bluetooth 4.0 technology with dual Bluetooth communication modules, to create one of the most advanced Bluetooth headsets in the market. The new Bluetooth technology increases the performance and reliability of the headset while also allowing for increased high definition audio quality. The advanced Audio Multitasking™ allows for a seamless blend of incoming and outgoing audio to create a mixed audio experience versus the traditional interruption based audio technology of other Bluetooth devices.

With the 20S EVO, users can call handsfree with their Bluetooth mobile phones, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigation by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders.

The Sena Smartphone App is available for users to download on both iPhone and Android smartphones to allow users to adjust the settings of their 20S EVO.





20S EVO's New Design

Artisanal Design


One key design element of the 20S EVO is its precision crafted unit developed with an aerodynamic design for a slim body and now a new shark fin antenna, while also maintaining the jog dial exclusive to Sena Bluetooth products. This design keeps with the existing and evolving excellence of the Sena products. The jog dial allows users to easily control volume and provides a simple push button with the ability to access all functions of the device. The 20S EVO provides users with the slim and sleek design that is perfect for riding while still allowing for easy and quick functionality.


QuickerUnparalleled Controls


The same feature set that made the 20S the world's #1 Bluetooth communicator is still present in the 20S EVO. Use the updated intercom function to stay in touch with up to eight other riders up to 2 KM (1.2 miles) away, through the Group Intercom feature. The 20S EVO Still delivers HD-quality that's clear, precise, and comfortable in every condition.


NoiseAdvanced Noise Control™


Along with the HD quality audio the 20S Evo comes equipped with Advanced Noise Control™ technology. The noise control technology efficiently suppresses the wind noise from motorcycle riding without distorting original voice during intercom conversation. The Advanced Noise Control™ helps to reduce audio interruptions such as wind and outside elements from the environment, and makes sure this ambient noise doesn't interfere with incoming and outgoing audio.


Designed_for_RidingDesigned for Riding


The 20S EVO has been specially decided to meet the needs of riders and encompasses all the features they are looking for while on the road. The 20S EVO is developed with an all-in one clamp that allows for versatile helmet mounting systems for more flexible and easy to switch capabilities.

The 20S EVO also features a dual microphone one inside the helmet for intercom function and the other on the clamp for listening to environmental sound without taking off the helmet. The dual microphone expands the use for the rider and continues to enhance their experience.


20S EVO Audio Multitasking Device Pairing PictureAudio Multitasking™


Sena 20S EVO Audio Multitasking™ technology allows you to have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS. No longer do users have to deal with the frustrations of interruption-based audio functions of past Bluetooth communication devices, the 20S EVO's Audio Multitasking™ is the perfect solution. Now audio features won’t interrupt each other but simply overlay for a smooth listening experience. Enrich your ride with interweaving audio sources.


  • Talk time: 13 hours
  • Stand-by time: 10 days
  • Dimensions (main module): 94.7 mm x 48.3 mm x 25.5 mm (3.7 in x 1.9 in x 1.0 in)
    • Speaker: driver unit 40 mm – thickness 6.5 mm
    • Boom microphone length: 190 mm
    • Wire length between speakers: 555 mm
  • Weight(module): 61 g (2.15 oz)


  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Headset Profile (HSP)
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  • Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)


  • Working distance (intercom): up to 2.0 km (1.2 miles) in open terrain


  • Built-in SBC Codec
    • Advanced Noise Control™
    • Wide volume control
    • Sample rate: max. 48kHz (DAC)
  • Built-in wide band Codec (HFP)
    • Sample rate: max 16 kHz

FM Radio

  • Built-in FM radio with RDS AF (Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies)
  • Radio region: worldwide
  • Radio frequency specifications: 64 ~ 108MHz
  • 10 preset station memory with automatic scan function
  • Radio on time: 8 ~ 10 hours



  • CE, FCC, IC



Sena 20S Evo Single Pack what's in the box

The SENA 20S EVO Bluetooth System comes with a 2 Year Minimum Warranty. 

Please refer to our Returns Policy page for information on warranty for products purchased from Radars Direct.