Returns Policy


By making a puchase online or in-store you hereby agree to our Terms & Conditions, and Returns Policy.

At Radars Direct we're all here to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, if you would like to return your product please ensure you familiarize yourself with the following information.

We are confident there will be no need for you to return any goods purchased from Radars Direct, although if on the rare occasion the item needs to be returned, the following policy applies.


If the product is faulty

Please retain all receipts for warranty purposes. If you do not have clear proof of purchase, Radars Direct is not obligated to offer you an exchange, refund or repair.

The customer will not be required to pay postage costs for any product purchased by Radars Direct if the customer is not at fault. These conditions apply if a product received by the customer is faulty and is returned within 14 days of purchase. Conditions apply.

All products you receive from Radars Direct are in the original factory seal, most of our products are re-designed and re packed for Australian conditions by our distributors. If in the event you receive a product which is faulty, we ask you to return the item to us, paying all postage costs at that time, if the product fault can and clearly be determined in-store, we will offer you a full refund (pending the item is received in original condition), exchange, or store credit as well as refund you the costs for sending it back.

If your product becomes faulty from normal use and the product is still under warranty, once proof of purchase has been established, simply send the product back to us, if the product fault can safely and clearly be determined in-store, we will offer you either a refund, exchange, repair or credit, and because our products are authorized by Australian distributors, there is no need to delay you by waiting to send the item back to the US for repair. In most cases you will receive a new product replacement, hassle free. Please note that warranty dates do not extend or renew from the date of replacing a product under warranty.


Have you changed your mind?

Radars Direct understands that sometimes customers want to return products to us. Please understand as a small business, it is expensive to service retail customers and then for the item to be returned. You will find that the vast majority of large retailers in Perth will not accept returns if customers have changed their minds, and their profit margins are much greater than ours. However, we can assist you when your return meets our guidelines below.

All returns must be made within 14 days from the purchase date. If a customer decides they no longer require or need a product that was purchased and is un-opened and returned in original packaging and condition, the item can be returned to Radars Direct minus a 20% re-stocking fee. Before we can offer you a refund, we must inspect the item for damage or signs of use. If any damage is found, we are not able to offer you a refund and the product will be posted back to the customer. We will do our best to attend to any issues you may have with our products.

If returning an item due to Change of Mind, any return freight costs will need to be covered by the customer.

If a customer decides they no longer require or need a product that was purchased, and the product has been opened and used. It must be returned within 7 days of the purchase date as well as be in new condition. The customer may also be required to pay a fee of 30% re-stocking fee (varying on the type/brand) for re-packaging the product (to be carried out by Australias distributors) and the cost of mailing the product to the supplier.


Non-returnable items

Radars Direct is not able to offer customers a refund under these following circumstances.

  1. The product has been opened and is outside the time period of 7 days from purchase date.
  2. The product has been damaged and the customer is at fault.
  3. If the customer decides to return an unopened item, but is passed the 14 days period.
  4. The customer purchased a product, which has become faulty, but is out of warranty.


What happens if I bought a product, and it is under warranty but I cannot find my receipt?

Unfortunately Radars Direct will not accept a bank or credit card statement unless the amount shown on that statement directly corresponds to the amount at which the product in question was purchased. Radars Direct keeps copies of all transactions for items sold so if we can match the transaction details to yours at that time place and date then you may return your item if the warranty claim is therefore approved by the units manufacture.


Product Warranty

All electrical merchandises sold by Radars Direct offer genuine 1 year manufacture warranty. For the majority of our products, the company's distributors are stationed in Australia, making any claims fast and hassle free for customers. There is no time wasted by sending products overseas to US distributors for warranty claims.

When Radars Direct receives a faulty unit we will contact the manufacture directly, upon the manufacture informs us the unit complies with warranty conditions completes, the product will either be repaired or replace. In the event a customer would like to make a warranty claim, please contact us.

All demo or discounted products sold are subject to a minimum 1 year in-house warranty offered by Radars Direct. If a faulty unit sold as a demo model, or discounted item (shop seconds) is returned to Radars Direct, the unit will be checked in store for any physical damage which would not have been a result of normal day to day usage. If the result is a manufacture fault, we will either repair or replace your unit.

Other items may have a 2 year warranty offered and these only apply for each product on a case-by-case basis.

If in the event Radars Direct finds the unit faulty as a result of a manufacture error, Radars Direct will credit you the cost of posting the unit back to us. If in the event Radars Direct finds the unit faulty as a result of the consumer mistreating the unit, we cannot replace the unit nor can we subsidise you the cost of posting the product to us. We will not charge you the cost of our time or the cost of returning the item to you.

If you would like to know more about product warranty please contact us.