Further Security in Car GPS Systems

Further Security in Car GPS Systems

Certain higher end models of vehicle tracking systems integrate a vast range of different security systems which all carry out similar purposes, for example by sending an automatic alert to a phone or email if an alarm is activated or the vehicle/car is moved without the owners authorisation, even when it leaves or enters a ‘geofence’ (set of boundaries using gps tracking).

The Geofence system was first invented by a man named Mr. Paul Novak who originated from Canada and invented the system in 1988. He latest projects include; now is embedding it into tiny micro-location devices.

Other circumstances in which this technology is employed include:

  1. Asset Tracking

  2. Fleet Management

  3. Recovery of stolen vehicles

  4. Field Service Management

  5. Field Sales

  6. Trailer Tracking

  7. Transit Tracking

  8. Surveillance

Our first point mentioned ‘ Asset Tracking ‘ involved companies or government agencies who use GPS tracking devices to keep an eye on their valuable assets. The outcome results in businesses being able to track vehicles for insurance purposes, and management of business operations by being able to plot real-time asset locations on a map and closely inspect movement and status of the asset.

The Second point, Fleet Management, when companies need to keep tracking of a large fleet of vehicles I.e Australia Post Delivery vans, gps tracking capabilities work by offering companies the ability to plan field workers time, schedule subsequent consumer visits and be operate specialised departments faster and more efficiently. This GPS Vehicle Tracking allows companies such as repair guys or maintenance businesses to quickly locate a field engineer and dispatch the closest one to meet a new customer request, or provide information to the client.

Number three is the recovery of stolen vehicles and assets. A vehicle with an inbuilt or added GPS tracking system will provide law enforcement officers the ability to track down stolen cars instantly, any car/truck can use a gps tracking including commercial and consumer vehicles. Police can also use a system known as LoJack where Police will activate a tracking unit which is located in the subject vehicle therefore enabling them to follow the signals directions.

Field Service Management: Large Companies such as the RAC for example with a large fleet of repairmen on the road must be able to observe where their vehicles are at a certain time giving the companies support centre the ability to inform customers of how long on an estimation their wait time will be.

The subject of Field Sales represents Mobile sales agents being able to located themselves as well as their potential customers and prospects. As well as get driving instructions and add nearby last-minute appointments to itineraries. The outcome can be beneficial to the consumer as their scheduled appointments can go to plan without further delays.

Trailer Tracking: GPS Tracking for trailers or assets which are detachable to the companies logistics. Haulage and Logistics companies often operate lorries with detachable load carrying units. Another example is Traffic Control companies using portable beacons to direct traffic, these will always contain a GPS tracking device that will inform the company of where their assets are deployed in the Metro area. Trailer tracking also includes traditional trailer units such as long bed trailers, designed for carrying large white goods or large loads of building materials.

Surveillance tasks can be carried out on a specific unit, to track and record units for insurance or personal uses.

Transit Tracking involves the management centre of a company keeping an eye on their assets or cargoes from on point to another. Making sure the tasks to be carried out are carried out on time and the appropriate time frames are acquired. Also, the users will ensure that their assets do not stop on route or change course, ensuring the security of the assets.

Car Vehicle Tracking Systems are widely used worldwide and are becoming more popular. GPS Components come in various shapes and forms including the latest GOTRACK system which comes in a small box and fits into a cars OBD2 port. Most gps tracking systems utilise GPS Technology (Global Positioning System) and SMS Messaging. Offering real-time tracking (active gps tracking), Others record real time data and store it to be read(passive gps tracking), similar to data-loggers. Systems such as these record and distinguishably record gps transit movements and record and allow reports after certain points have been saved.