Car Accessories

milkshakeMilkShake Automotive Gadget Experts have been providing motorist's with handy in car accessories for over 10 years. We stock some of their most popular products, MilkShake's devices are a must have for your automotive gadgets collection. Products are compatible with most products.

  • Add-A-Circuit Add-A-Circuit
    The Add-A-Circuit device allows you to easily add on an extra circuit to your mini-fuse panel inside your car. You can then connect the accessories such as a radar detector to this new wire supplied by the Add-A-Circuit.
    Our Price: $9.90 inc GST
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  • Twin Cig Lighter Adapter Twin Cig Lighter Adapter
    Turn one cigarette lighter socket into two. Handy device for using multiple electronic devices in your car.
    Our Price: Was $30.00 inc GST Now $14.99 inc GST
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