Radar Detector Laws

Are radar detectors legal in my state?

Please check your current state laws for current status.

Please note that we sell Radar Detectors which are banned in other states of Australia. There are currently no laws in Western Australia against the use or sale of radar detectors. Products purchased from radarsdirect.com.au are being sold in Western Australia, we hold no responsibility to the legitimacies of use for which ever state the products are used in. We do not take responsibility for selling to a body or person who lives in a state where radar detectors are illegal.

Notice: Radars Direct does not offer legal advice, for more information on the laws of radar detectors and other speed enforcement evasion devices, please contact your states government agencies.


Illegal to use from 12th October 2020.

The Legislative Council passed laws to ban Radar Detectors in Western Australia on Thursday 25th June 2020.

This news has not been welcomed by WA motorists due to weak evidence behind radar detector users & deaths on WA roads. 

On June 26th, WA motorists launched a petition (not connected with our business) to voice their concerns here: http://chng.it/pnRC28dN27


Illegal to use.

Queensland Road -Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 TRANSPORT OPERATIONS (ROAD USE MANAGEMENT-ROAD RULES) REGULATION 1999 225. (1) A person must not drive a vehicle if the vehicle has in or on it-

(a) a device for preventing the effective use of a speed measuring device; or

(b) a device for detecting the use of a speed measuring device. Maximum penalty-40 penalty units.

(2) Subsection (1) applies to a device whether or not the device is operating or in working order. --


Illegal to own and use.

Under the Traffic -Road Rules - Regulations 1999, Regulation 225 Parts 13 , 22.  Radar Detectors , Light and Warning Devices are illegal under legislation to be sold/used/stored/distributed in the state of Tasmania Australia.


Illegal to own and use.

Under the Traffic -Road Rules- for the state of NSW. Traffic Act 1909 - Sect 4AD states that the sale, purchase and use of speed measuring evasion articles is strictly prohibited. Sect 4AE - Surrender and Forfeiture of speed measuring evasion articles.


Illegal to own and use.

Under the Traffic -Road Rules- for the state of South Australia, - (Road Traffic Act 1961 - May 1996 Reprint) Section 53B. 1- A person must not sell, offer for sale, or use a radar detector or jammer nor drive a motor vehicle that contains a radar detector or jammer.


Illegal to own and use.

Under the -Road Safety Act 1986- A person must not own, sell, use or possess a device the sole or principal purpose of which is to prevent the effective use of a prescribed speed measuring device or to detect when a prescribed speed measuring device is being used.


Illegal to own and use.

Under the Northern Territory Part 2 of the Road Traffic Rules. Legislation states that A person must not unlawfully tamper with, interfere with or cause damage to a traffic infringement detection device.


Illegal to own and use.

Under the  Australian Capital Territory. - MOTOR TRAFFIC ACT 1936 - SECT 164GSale, purchase or use of radar detectors and jammers164G.

(1) A person shall not use, sell or offer for sale, or purchase, a radar detecting device or a radar jamming device.(2) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle, or cause a motor vehicle to stand, on a public street or in a public place if the vehicle is fitted with or is carrying a radar detecting device or a radar jamming device.